Photographing Brennan and Carlos’s wedding is an unforgettable experience, a day surrounded by sincere love set against the backdrop of The Nest at Ruth Farms, a charming venue located in Ponder, Texas, just an hour outside of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. The summer wedding in Texas unfolds under the scorching Texan heat, with a vast bridal party and emotional toasts.

The Nest at Ruth Farms is tucked away in the backroads of North Texas, providing an exclusive feel. The midday sun bathes the wedding venue in golden sunlight, proving to be the perfect canvas for Brennan and Carlos's wedding day. The venue, consisting of a beautiful reception space, bridal and groom suites, and a separate charming chapel, is surrounded by prairie grasslands.

The challenge of the heat prompts a shift of events and portraits indoors, a notable deviation for an outdoor, natural light photographer. Grateful for the trust placed in my creativity, I navigate this challenge with ingenuity. The transition from the bright sunlight of the ceremony to the evening is not just a change in lighting; it mirrors the unfolding narrative of the day. I use any shadows the outdoors has to offer as shelter from the sun, for lighting and temperature purposes. Although the Texas heat is unbearable, the day flows with grace and elegance.

In the spacious indoor chapel, Brennan and Carlos's first look unfolds in a setting of timeless beauty, illuminated by the abundant natural light streaming into the space. As they stand face to face, their hearts fill the room with warmth and love, casting aside any nerves or apprehensions. The chapel's peaceful ambiance, with remnants of the holy spirit, provides the perfect backdrop for their intimate exchange of personal vows, each word echoing off the walls and resonating with heartfelt sincerity. In that sacred space, surrounded by the palpable presence of their love, Brennan and Carlos share a moment that seems to suspend time, a moment of pure connection and profound significance. Followed by the first look, their ceremony takes place. In the sacred space of the chapel, guided by the officiant's personal touch and heartfelt narrative, Brennan and Carlos exchange vows that echo the depth of their love and the promise of a lifetime together. These touching moments really resonate with me as a photographer. As a documentary-style photographer, I live to capture raw, unscripted moments that loved ones share with one another.

As the reception speeches unfold, the venue echoes with clinking glasses and heartfelt words. The ambiance shifts from a warm and romantic vibe to a more celebratory and festive mood, creating a seamless flow of emotions. There isn't a dry eye in the house, each tear a testament to the deep bonds that tie the Reuland and Flores families together. These moments are a privilege to capture, crystallizing the essence of heartfelt family moments. The celebration continues in a spirit of warmth and togetherness as guests gather around long shared tables. The air is filled with laughter and chatter as everyone savors delicious dishes and shares stories, forging new bonds and strengthening old connections.

As the night progresses, the energy soars to new heights, fueled by the anticipation of a midnight snack that delights guests of all ages: McDonald's favorites served up with a side of nostalgia. This is the perfect midnight wedding snack idea. With satisfied appetites and renewed vigor, the dance floor beckons, and soon, the entire room is alive with movement and joy. Brennan and Carlos, surrounded by their loved ones, dance the night away, their smiles radiant and their hearts overflowing with gratitude for the love and support that surround them on this unforgettable night.

As the day concludes, I find myself forever grateful for the trust, love, and unique experiences shared by the Reuland and Flores families. Brennan and Carlos's wedding at The Nest at Ruth Farms is a wedding to remember; it is a tapestry of love, woven together with laughter and tears. Celebrating their love is not just about witnessing a union; it is a reunion of childhood friends and a chance to reconnect with the fabric of my past.

Wedding Vendors:

Florals: Flower Shack Blooms

Hair Stylist: Gracie Short 

Makeup Artist: Alyssia Anuat 

Wedding Dress Designer: Lulus Bridal

Bridesmaid Dress Designer: Azazie 

Men’s Attire: Black Tuxes from Men's Warehouse 

Caterer: TCP Catering

Wedding Cake/Desserts: Sugar Bee Sweets Bakery

Videographer: Bull Rose productions

Invitation/Printer: Zola